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Fight or Flight?

We all know that the media may sensationalize an event. So like the little boy crying "wolf" too many times it gets tiresome and people stop listening. We hear the dire predictions about storms that never materialize, or wind speeds...

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Equipment Checks

January is usually a downtime for boaters, so it’s the perfect time to inspect and update your boat and equipment. Here are some suggested checks to use to ensure safe boating for the season ahead. 1. Check Flares. Flares need...

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Dealing with Fatigue

A person who has been awake for an extended time has the same risk of an accident as a person driving who has been drinking alcohol.  Lack of sleep and environmental factors such as sun, heat, cold, and constant movement are often overlooked...

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Cold Weather Boating

For many dedicated boaters weather is just a challenge. The weather may not always be sunny skies and calm seas; but  the passion for being on the water still burns. This is what many dedicated and experienced boaters love: when...

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Boating with your Pet

Those boaters who have dogs often want to share the experience with “Man’s Best Friend“. It may seem that all dogs like to swim, but many dogs don't. Dogs with low body fat, such as Greyhounds, or dogs with age...

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