Fight or Flight?

Boat Custom canvasWe all know that the media may sensationalize an event. So like the little boy crying “wolf” too many times it gets tiresome and people stop listening. We hear the dire predictions about storms that never materialize, or wind speeds that were only half what was expected. Too many false alarms tend to make people indifferent; and when the third one comes, some will ignore it or just assume the results will be like the others. Obviously, the best thing any boater can do when a storm is reported is to move out of harm’s way. Even if it we’re responding to a false alarm, its  better to be “safe than sorry”.

Alerts inform people of the possibility of an event and it’s up to the individual to make their own decisions; but ignoring an alert is not a valid response: the choice, and the responsibility is on the individual and the frustration factor of frequent false or near misses that can take its toll on one’s faith in the alerts; but there is an entire field of wrecked boats in Fort Lauderdale who’s owners who did little or nothing to protect their boats or even properly tie them down. And then there was “Floyd”, a “super storm” headed for the USA that turned away at the last minute.

The point is, even minor storms can inflict a lot of damage, and  It doesn’t much matter what the wind is if your boat is exposed or not properly prepared and protected. A lot of boat owners assume that a category one storm is “no big deal”! But a field full of broken boats is a big deal. It’s a lot of work and effort getting prepared, and complacency happens because people cut corners. Water as no “corners” but it has a lot of power. We can use that power for our benefit as long as we can understand and control it.

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