Boating with your Pet

boat canvas cover, EnclosuresThose boaters who have dogs often want to share the experience with “Man’s Best Friend“.

It may seem that all dogs like to swim, but many dogs don’t. Dogs with low body fat, such as Greyhounds, or dogs with age or health issues may have trouble; so before you head out with your pet, you need some initial preparation, especial if it’s the first  trip in a boat.

First make sure you boat is “Pet Safe”: Don’t keep fishing tackle and hooks lying around. Getting you dog into the water may be relatively easy, but you need to have a method to get Fido back aboard; and most cats don’t like getting wet, so get them a dry place

Dogs don’t automatically know how to use a ramp, so they may need to be taught.

Life preservers for dogs and cats are available and consider having an ID microchip implanted in your pet.

Practice swimming with your pet in the event your pet falls overboard it won’t panic. Remember that boat decks can be slippery and can be hot; so have a shady place on deck they can rest, and have hazardous items like fishing line, hooks and poles stowed.

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