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Boating is Good for the Soul

1. Boating is all about bonding with family and friends. The lasting memories you make  are priceless. There’s nothing like about watching a sunset on the water with friends, fishing for with your kids, or admiring the wildlife. 2. Boating...

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boat cover, canvas, Annapolis MD

Small Boat Safety

It doesn’t require a 40 ft. cabin cruiser to enjoy boating, but those who have small boats need to be aware of their limitations. More than 80% of all boating accidents occur in boats less than 26 feet in length,...

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boat canvas cover, Enclosures

Pets in Paradise: Boating with Animals

Boating with your pets can be fun, and you pets will love the experience; but before you head out, your need to give you pet some initial preparation, especially if it’s the first time on a boat for them. First,...

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Boat Canvas, Enclosures, Upholstery ,Annapolis, MD

Listen to Your Boat

Listening to your boat with all your senses is part of becoming an experienced sailor. Trying to do something your boat it doesn't want to do will soon let you know. Becoming used to its motions, and noticing when something...

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Boat cover, Canvas ,Enclosures ,Upholstery

Hull Maintenance

Rinse your Hull.  Regardless if your boat is fiberglass or aluminum it needs to be washed down with freshwater after every trip, especially when boating in saltwater. Letting saltwater dry on the boat increases corrosion and wears the polish and...

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