Cold Weather Boating

boat cover, canvas, Annapolis, MDFor many dedicated boaters weather is just a challenge. The weather may not always be sunny skies and calm seas; but  the passion for being on the water still burns. This is what many dedicated and experienced boaters love: when then the air gets colder and the crowds are thinner and the “summer sailors” wait for more temperate skies and seas.

But there are obviously extra issues to deal with that all seasoned boaters must face to maintain both personal safety and convenience during the cold months.

Obviously the adage “Dress for the water, not the weather” applies. A “balmy day” in September in Maine or New York can be quite different than a “balmy day” in Florida or California: and the difference can be critical when choosing on where you boating.

Cold weather requires us to wear warmer fabrics such as wool that retain heat, but also absorbs water when wet, Using  an insulated “float coat that keep one warm and can serve as a life jacket should you end up in the water.

A Killer Tradition! The survival technique of floating in place while in the only one’s  head into the water will cause one  to lose body heat and die faster in cold water. If you end up in the water without a life jacket on, experts  advise to tread water.

Crew Comfort! Good skippers are ever mindful of crew comfort, and this is especially so in colder weather. A rejuvenating blast of spray that has everybody gleefully shrieking in July may cause a different reaction in October! So  be wary of your speed and course, especially when running across the wind or in quartering seas.

Get Some Trim! In freezing or cold temperatures, water below the surface stays warmer. For that reason it’s a good idea for owners of outboards to leave the engine trimmed down at the dock if air temps are expected to get frigid. A trimmed-up engine holds water, which, if it freezes, can cause all lot  of damage.

So why bother? The weather is cooler!  The skies are bluer!. The air is cooler and the crowds get thinner. But your boat needs to “Dress for the Water as well as the weather”!

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