Dealing with Fatigue

boat canvas, boat coversA person who has been awake for an extended time has the same risk of an accident as a person driving who has been drinking alcohol.  Lack of sleep and environmental factors such as sun, heat, cold, and constant movement are often overlooked by recreational boaters as well as professional mariners. It’s like driving a car in a small earthquake for a long time. It can contribute to mistakes and accidents.

Like driving an automobile on a long trip without making sure you are fully ready for what could happen: do you have that spare tire? Without enough rest can lead to lapses of judgment and accidents. For both long cruises as well as casual day sailing requires rest and breaks. Even a few hours on the water can lead to fatigue.   Crew positions should be rotated to reduce fatigue.  Smart captains, like smart drivers, know their one limits as well of their crew and “vehicle”.  A well trained crew needs a well-equipped and maintained boat to bring them home.

CMC Canvas can provide the necessary materials to keep your boat protected and ready to sail