Winterizing Your Boat

boat canvas cover,Winterizing-your-boat-Unfortunately, boating isn’t an all year activity in Maryland. When autumn comes it’s time to start thinking about protecting your boat. The old phrase “pay me now or pay me later” is certainly applicable for maintaining your boat. The time and effort you spend on protecting and maintaining your boat will certainly have an effect on your boat’s life and performance when boating season begins again. Also consider that the insurance policy you have on your boat probably won’t cover damage from lack of maintenance or neglect, so the best place for your boat during the winter season is out of the water and under cover.

Your first step should be creating a checklist. The owner’s manual or the internet will probably provide recommendations and procedures for winterizing. New boat owners should consult their dealer about winterizing, and get the assistance of an experienced boat owner or hire a professional to do the job.

One option for storing your boat for the winter is a climate-controlled boat storage area, but they can be expensive. You can also consider “shrink-wrapping” your boat, but that’s also expensive.

In any case, protecting the boat is a major concern regardless of the season. The best and less expensive alternative is to use a protective covering, designed especially for boats that can be used all year in any kind of weather to provide protection.

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