Why Boats Capsize

boat canvas cover, cmccanvas-blog Boats are designed to be stable, and the general are until something causes them to become unstable. And that something is weight —not just the weight but also where it is.

A Marine Insurance Company analyzed five years of capsizes and swamping’s to find out why best  to prevent your own boat from capsizing. Capsizing is defined as a boat rolling over on its side or completely over. Swamping is when a boat fills with water but remains upright but with enough water that could cause the boat to sink. Either way the boat is unusable, and threatens the boat and those on it.

Boats capsize because they become unstable, and there are three primary reasons for that instability:

  1. Too many people aboard and/or unbalanced equipment providing to much weight;
  2. Water leaking into the boat which will create too much weight;
  3. Bad weather, causing instability as the boat rocks and take on water.

All ll boats can capsize regardless of their size in n certain conditions. And there are three causes. The most common is too much or poorly distributed weigh. Small boats are much more susceptible to “overloading” when extra passengers with heavy coolers are aboard and any size boat may have gained weight over the years with extra gear stored aboard.

But a badly maintained boat is a problem in itself. Don’t forget our  boat itself need good maintenance and protection itself to prevent leaks and deterioration from water, wind, wear and the elements

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