What to Consider When Buying a Boat

 boat custom cover, canvas , upholstery, Annapolis MDBuying a boat has some pitfalls for a first time buyer, and can trap even an experienced sailor who wants to “buy up” to a larger and more expensive boat, according to boat dealers. Here are the most common mistakes many new and experienced boaters make when buying a new boat.

What’s the primary use for the boats? : Fishing? Sailing with family and friends? Entertaining clients, or all of the above? Different boats for different folks.

What can you afford? Nobody ever bought a boat to save money! You‘ll need to store or moor your boat, pay for taxes, winterizing, basic maintenance, repairs, insurance and fuel costs as well as any monthly payments.

Failing to buy at the best time. Boat show dealers often offer their best deals at boat shows, and in the winter months before the boating season starts. Good deals can be made in late spring when dealers want to clear their inventory r to make room for the new models.

Not understanding the commitment. Boating is a recreational activity, but it’s also a commitment. Owning a boat is expensive and time consuming; and every boat needs some TLC, even when moored, stored and unused. If you’re just a weekend boater, you may forget that your boat is still vulnerable to wind, water and the elements.

That’s why CMC Canvas LLC provides quality protective canvas coverings and materials to protect and enhance your boat and preserve its value for as long as you have and use your boat.