Using your “Head” When Boating

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Boat builders design boats to accommodate the needs of boater’s, which means most boats larger than a row boat are furnished with a galley (kitchen) and a head (toilet).

A head is obviously the most essential convenience for almost every kind of boat; most owners of smaller boats eagerly wait to trade up to a boat with a head and galley.

But a boat’s head isn’t exactly like the toilets used ashore; which is what many boaters don’t really use their heads when using the “head”. It takes a bit of practice to do your business on a boat, since the motion of the water, along with the motion of the boat often makes it a bumpy ride even on the calmest days. Call it the “splatter factor”: especially tough for guys, who do most of their business standing.

But there’s an easy solution: make it the Captain’s Head Rule # 1: Everybody “sits”; regardless of gender.

There can also be an “odor issue” in a small, confined head as well. That’s easily solved: Have enough spray foam and paper towels on board! When you’ve done your business, use the foam to sanitize and deodorize, then wipe with the paper towels.No pails, mops and scrubbing necessary. A more thorough cleaning can be done when docked as part of your maintenance.

Don’t know when the holding tank is full? Have a holding tank level monitor.

Keeping your head will help you keep the head clean with a little effort and maintenance and the same is true for maintaining the rest of your boat as well. Choosing high quality protective canvas coverings and accessories from CMC Canvas LLC will make your boat sailing and looking “good as new”.