Upgrading Your Boat

  boating, boat cover, canvas ,Annapolis MD If you own your boat long enough, you will need to upgrade essential parts to keep it in good condition, especially if you’re planning an extensive cruise. Having a boat you know is “ship shape” is the whole point of owning it. But some boaters often let their boat decline, and then find themselves literally “stranded”. Undertaking some overhaul and upgrading will pay off later. Beyond the usual maintenance that good boaters do, plan for your “’Year of the Boat”.

It’s not a Chinese holiday; it’s a plan to keep you boat safe and running well. If your boat has a good solid structure and you maintain it well, the parts you need to keep in shape are you “depreciable parts”: engines, electronics, safety-gear, interior (fabrics & upholstery) and on sailboats of course: sails.

Keeping each of them up to date depends on how often you use your boat, and what you do with it when you do use it.  If your boat has a good solid structure and you maintain it well, the crucial parts are engines, electronics, safety gear, interior appointments like fabrics and  upholstery) and on sailboats, of course – sails.

Keeping each of these updated, depending on one’s usage and inclination is the key. The issue is protecting your investment and assuring trouble-free time on the water. Keeping your boat ready-to-go is the goal.

But don’t forget the boat itself. It’s almost always in the water and in the face of the weather.  Protecting it with high quality Canvas Coverings from CMC Canvas LLC protects and maintains your boat, and you investment, without even needing a wrench or a screw driver.