The Sailing Check List

Goo boat canvas cover,Boating safetyd boat and motor maintenance, and up to date  survival and navigational equipment on board:  radios, GPS, charts, PFDs, flares, flashlights, rain gear, whistles, distress flags, and enough fresh water and food are important additions for your next outing. But Safety is a primary element in any outing.

Here’s a check list to help you be prepared:

(1) File a float plan, and stick to it.

(2) Tune your radio to the National Weather Service: to find out about small-craft warnings.

(3) If you capsize or fall overboard, stick with the boat. It’s easier for rescuers to spot a boat than a head bobbing in the water. If you can’t reboard  or crawl up  of the floating hull, assume the Heat Escape Lessening Position (HELP): with knees drawn to chest, ankles crossed, and forearms crossed over chest for insulation.

(4) Wear a life jacket/PFD. Yes they are ugly and uncomfortable on a boat, bu they are  truly ‘lifesavers”.  Newer life jackets/PFDs are more user-friendly, and wear comfortably over clothing,

(5) Always have a GPS and PFDs for crew and everyone on board and wear the all the time.

(6)  BUI (Boating Under the Influence) is as bad as DIU and can have the same results.,

(7) Take a  boating safety course; and getting a Vessel Safety Check (VSC) annually from the  local U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, or your state’s  Vessel Examiners. Visit for more information.

No safety measure will help if your boat is not safe and ready to sail. Investing in high quality canvas coverings from CMC Canvas LLC will protect you’re you boat and ensure  it’s  as ready to sail as you are.