The “America’s Cup – Premiere Yachting Event For Boaters Worldwide

sailboats, canvas cover, Annapolis MDThe “America’s Cup” is the premier international yachting event. Here are some facts about the race, and how the race is till called the “America’s Cup”, when many nations hosted and participated.

The America’s Cup, the premiere yachting event for boaters worldwide, was first held in England in 1851. The USA has won it 28 times, New Zealand and Switzerland twice, and Australia once. Britain has never won the Cup.

The name “America’s Cup” was named for the winning entry in the inaugural race, a gaff schooner named America who beat all of the Royal Yacht Squadrons entry’s in the club’s annual regatta around the Isle of Wight on August 22, 1851,  and won every event for 15 years straight. As a result, the trophy and the event was then renamed the “America’s Cup” for its accomplishments.

The America continued to race until it was used as a blockade runner in the American Civil War, and then eventually scuttled. It was raised and repaired and served on the Union side for the remainder of the Civil War. After the war, America was used as a training ship at the Naval Academy and then again sold and returned to competitive racing.

After falling into disrepair, America was eventually restored and  donated to the U. S. Naval Academy in Annapolis.

By 1940, the America was in poor condition and deteriorating. When the shed where America was stored collapsed in a heavy snowstorm, the America was finally scrapped and burned in 1945; a said fate for such a renowned veteran of American Nautical History.

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