Swimming and Boating

custom boat cover, swim_platform_ladderPart of the fun of boating is not just sitting on the boat but to include swimming, diving, or snorkeling, but there needs to be some rules to make it a safe and enjoyable experience.

  • Insure you have a plan for getting on and off of your boat. Just driving off from anywhere on the boat can cause problems. Using a Boat Swim Platform is the best accessory for safe boarding and off-boarding to and from the boat while on the water. With the variety of available boat swim platforms there is no need to worry about getting on or off the boat safely. But make sure you “skid proof” your swim platform for better footing.
  • Avoid swimming in marinas. –marinas are for boats not swimmers. Oil, gasoline and other pollutants can infests the water near marinas and can be dangerous to any swimmer.
  • Stay away from areas with strong currents or undertow. If you get caught in a current, swim up-current and drift back with the current. There should always be someone on board to watch and monitor those who are swimming, and a swim platforms will be help get your swimmers back on-board.
  • Never have engine running while swimmers are in the water. A spinning propellers can be deadly, and carbon monoxide fumes form the engine will accumulate near the boat and under boat swim platforms
  • Never dive into the water. Water depth can deceiving from the surface. Always be careful when first entering the water.
  • When swimming always wear a PFD or have flotation devices in the water for easy access.
  • When swimming, diving or snorkeling have your “Dive Flag” flying.

Make sure you have a well maintained boat before you set sail. Canvas coverings and accessories from CMC Canvas LLC will ensure your boat won’t start leaking and send everyone aboard swimming.