Seamanship Skills for Boaters

 boating, boat canvas cover, Annapolis MDA captain once said that “If I ever thought I knew everything about the sea and sailing , then I’d better hang up my foul-weather gear and take up pottery”.

He was right. There are so many scenarios and variables it would be an impossibility to know every challenge boating can give.

It’s you learn from your mistakes. That’s certainly true about boating. Anyone who says they know everything about the sea and sailing is eventually going to get a lesson in humility. Every moment on the water brings new experiences and challenges; but each time on the boat you gain some extra knowledge that makes you smarter.

Know Your Boat. “Of course I do” you say; but do you know the location of every through-hull fitting? If you begin to smell burning electrical wires, can you find your battery-disconnect switches easily? When was the last time you inspected the steering gear?

Smart boaters have a schematic that show where the through-hull fittings, fire extinguishers and emergency gear is situated, and posted for easy reference.

Practice Dead Reckoning Skills. if you have an understanding of navigation you’ll still be able to get home: just in case the electronics fail. Knowing your previous position, plotting the course, your speed, and elapsed time is a skill still useful if the electronics and radio goes down. And Include a hand-compass in your navigational tools. Just knowing which direction home is can be a life saver.

Keep your boat “ship shape”. Taking on water on a cruise means a badly maintained boat. Protecting you boat form damage, as well as from insects and just wear and tear is a priority. Quality Canvas coverings and accessories from CMC Canvas LLC to protect your boat and extend its life, as well as it preserves its appearance.