Safe Boating Tips

“Familiarity breeds contempt”! Or at least it can breed indifference. No matter how much experience you have, it’s a good idea for every boat owner to review boating safety rules before you leave the dock.boating, boat cover, canvas, enclosures

Here are 10 boating safety tips to keep you and your crew safe.

  • Be Weather-Wise. Check local weather conditions before debarking and if you notice darkening clouds, changing winds or sudden drops in temperature, play it safe – get back to shore ASAP.
  • Have a Checklist. Boating safety means being prepared. Have a pre-departure checklist to make sure no boating safety rules or precautions have been overlooked or forgotten.
  • Use Common Sense. Common sense is your best advisor.
  • Operating at a safe speed, staying alert and avoiding hazards and large vessels restricted in their ability to stop or turn.
  • Designate a First Mate. Make sure more than one person on board is familiar with your boat’s handling, operation and safety.
  • If something happens to the skipper, it’s important that someone else can get everyone else back to shore.
  • Develop a Float Plan. Make sure someone on shore knows your sail plan and destination, including you destination(s) and anticipated time afloat and return to port.
  • Use Lifejackets. The majority of drowning victims were not wearing lifejackets/ PFDs. Everyone on board should have and wear one.
  • Avoid Alcohol. The party starts after the cruise is over, NOT before or during the cruise. Studies show that the effects of alcohol are increased by sun and wind.
  • Maintain your boat. None of the above will help if your boat isn’t maintained and protected.

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