Responsible Boating

Boating is more than just crusing around the bay, and for fishing. There are activities like water skiing and water boarding that requires skill on the part of both those doing the activity, but those on the boat providing the motion.boating

Here are seven ways to keep your boating both safe and enjoyable.

Know the Laws. First make sure you follow property procedures and rules when out on the water. Some rules are obvious: Don’t t overload your boat’s capacity for passengers and equipment, and don’t operate a boat “under the influence”. Other rules are common sense rules that sometimes are often forgotten or taken for granted because they are so obvious.

Keep Up with Maintenance and then check and double check your equipment: motor, sails, battery; anything that you relay on when on the water to keep you moving and getting back to port safely.

Know your environment. Every waterway is unique and has its own risks and challenges. You have to contend with currents, tides and hidden hazards: shallow spots, reefs, submerged debris, any number of things that could harm you and your boat and end your day and cost you lots of money for repairs.

Water skiing or water boarding requires a lot of preparation. Know the area well enough to avoid both those obvious and those hidden hazards. Even if you’re familiar with the environment; remember that the lakes and oceans are never static: they changes with the seasons, and with the wind and tide.

Even when you boat is docked, or “dry-docked, It’s still needs to be protected from the elements: weather, temperature changes, insects, and “time”. Boat maintenance and protection is a 24/7 responsibility.

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