Protecting Your Investment

“A boat is a hole in the water that you throw money in”.

boat_cover, Annapolis MD, Canvas cover,That old joke is often painfully true, especially when your boat is docked in a “less that temperate” location. Boats are “high maintenance” by nature, and winter weather can take a toll, even when floating idly on the dock. In changeable climates like Maryland, your boat, even more than your automobile,

needs to be protected and “winterized”.

Corrosion and other problems can occur on a boat regardless of the climate. And a boat that’s not well prepared and protected during “hibernation”, even when taken out of the water, means a lot of work and expense. If your boat needs an overhaul or professional help, don’t wait till spring to get it done. Spring is the busiest time for “boat doctors” and that means you’ll probably be waiting and losing some quality time on the water. Better to get the repairs and major maintenance in the fall, before your craft is “grounded” for the winter.

Maintenance and protection is the key, especially when Maryland’s winters take its toll on boats. Even boats in good condition and stored on dry land will need a checkup and overhaul before boating season starts; and the best protection is a high quality protective cover.

CMC Canvas LLC provide high quality covers for boats, automobiles and anything else that needs protection from weather and the elements.