Protecting Your Boat

boating, canvas cover, corrosionAll boats need maintenance and protection, regardless of what they are made of out, but the different styles and types of boats may need different types of protection.

All boats, not just the older wooden boats but the newer plastic, fiberglass, carbon alloy, boats also need specific types of protection and maintenance. All types of boats suffer from corrosion, and the type of hull and fittings you have determines the type of corrosion it may have.

All metals revert back to their original state over time, which is basically “ore” – we call it “rust”; but even more modern hulls and fittings based on plastic, fiberglass and alloys, are not immune.

Galvanic corrosion occurs when two dissimilar metals form a natural “battery”. When in contact, either partially or completely immersed in a natural “electrolyte” such as seawater, it becomes essentially a natural “battery” which causes corrosion. A good example of that is having copper-based bottom paint applied on an aluminum hull.

Saltwater is a known “conductor” which can attack metal fittings and hulls, A good primer will creates a barrier, stopping osmosis and corrosion. Any reputable marine supply outlet can provide advice and assistance.

But sea water corrosion is not the only hazard for boats. Just being in or even out of the water there are elements that will affect your boat. Just as you require a specialist to service your engine, sails and maintain your boat, you need a specialist that provides protection for your boat when docked as well.

CMC Canvas LLC provides practical and attractive quality canvas coverings and accessories to protect and enhance your boat.