Properly Fitting a PFD

canvas cover, custom, boating, Fitted DFDIf PFD were everyday wearing apparel, they would be “tailor made”, not “off the shelf”.
But since they’re not, it essentially means a PFD must be fitted to the individual to keep them “right side up” if they end up in the water. How do you know if you have fitted your life PFD properly?

PFDs are made according to a person’s size and weight so it will keep your head above water. If it’s too large, the life jacket will ride up around your face when you are in the water. If it’s too small, it will not have enough flotation to keep you on the surface; and it’s too late to try on another. That means everyone on board has to have their PFD already “tailored” for them before you leave the dock. PFDs are designed to keep you afloat in case of an accident or emergency,

There are many types of PFDs available. Some are designed for water sports, some for fishing and others are “multipurpose”. There are also different designs: belt packs, inflatables and hybrids. Regardless, try it on for size, first checking the label to match the PFD with your size and weight. The manufacturer’s label will show whether it is an adult or child life jacket. Adult life jackets will not work for a child, and vice versa.

Many boaters are choosing inflatable life jackets for everyday boating because they are less bulky and more comfortable to wear. Either way, make sure you and everyone on board knows how to wear them properly and all the time when you boating.

Safety also means a well-maintained boat. CMC Canvas LLC provides quality covers and accessories that will keep your boat protected and ready to sail when you’re ready to sail.