Not All Boating Accidents Are On Water

boat custom canvas cover, boat trailing tripWhile hauling a boat around on a trailer may not be too difficult driving in a straight line at low speeds. But when it comes to driving at highway speeds, passing other vehicles, driving in high winds, backing up, etc., it becomes a lot more difficult. Considering that one needs a special license and classification to drive a motorcycle, a school bus or a semi-trailer trucks,  but just about anyone can go out and buy a boat and trailer, attach it to his/her car and simply drive away without special training required beforehand and no special license is required.

Like you automobile, the wheel bearings, suspension parts, lights, and other components need constant attention to insure a trip to or from the marina doesn’t end in an accident or breakdown.  Attention to the vehicle’s hitch is especially important as it’s the only link between the vehicle and the trailer.

When it comes to trailered boats, nine out of ten trailering malfunctions and accidents can be directly traced to a failure to take some time to for even the most basic preventative maintenance. Wheel bearings, suspension parts, lights, and a host of other components require constant attention to help insure any trailering trip smooth and hassle free. Special attention to the tow vehicle’s hitch is a good idea, as that is the only link between the tow vehicle and trailer.

Whether it’s docked in a marina or traveling on a trailer, your boat needs to be well maintained and protected.  Don’t forget to protect your boat with high quality Canvas Coverings from CMC Canvass LLC.