Necessary Tools for Safe Boating

boat custom canvas cover, multi tools for boatingSailing is fun but it can be hazardous, and if something goes wrong you can’t just pull over to the curb for repairs. That’s why investing in equipment that can keep you afloat and “right side up” is critical.

Here are some necessary “gadgets” that could save both your boat and your life if something goes wrong afloat.

Multi Tool. A multi-tool is the “all purpose” gadget for boating. It won’t keep your 5 boat from sinking, but it is useful for a variety of immediate needs. Multi tools contain knives pliers; small screwdrivers and scissors; useful for sailboats especially.Make sure they’re waterproofed and rust and salt resistant.

Headlamp. Think of a coal miner’s headgear: A hardhat with a battery powered light attached. A great help when you need your hands free. It can also be used for signaling in an emergency. Make sure it’s waterproof.

Multi-Purpose Watch. This can actually save your life. You need one with a compass, barometer, and thermometer: all essential information you will need to keep afloat, dry, and safe.

Personal Locator Beacon. This ensures that if something really goes wrong, you can be found! It should last at least 24 hours in severe temperatures, and has a GPS locator that broadcasts your position. Most PLB’s are manually activated; you need to switch on the beacon yourself before it works.

Flotation Suits. It should be obvious why you need them. They will keep you afloat and alive if you end up in the water. These can be worn with a life jacket. The best choices are those that keep you “right side way up” all the time while in the water.

Protection also means protecting the boat as well, even when docked. CNC Canvas LLC provides protective coverings for all types of boats.