Coastal Boats vs. Blue Water Boats

 boat covers, enclosures, canvas cover,Annapolis MDWhat’s the difference? It’s a bit more than just where they sail. Coastal boats are designed and fitted out so that, in case of bad weather, they will find shelter in port and wait out the storm. Blue water boats are designed so that they can be either sailed through bad weather or can “wait it out” at sea. Blue water boats will generally be able to carry more passengers and crew, and have more room for water, food and other “stuff” than the coastal boats.

Obviously, there will be a price difference between the two; but price, in itself, says nothing of the boat itself; merely the amount and perhaps the quality of equipment onboard .

That said, there is some dispute about the two.

Some contend that coastal cruising is actually more demanding that deep ocean cruising. That’s because the potential for encountering other boats, and more of them, requires better sailing skills to deal with them. Traditionally, “coastal” boats are more nimble and faster, and have a shallower draft to deal with the shallow coastal waters, while “blue water” boats are, in average, larger and less maneuverable.

Today, boating technology makes many of those differences less obvious. But the one requirement for all boats is maintenance and protection. All boats, coastal or “blue water” need protection from wind, water, sun and corrosion, all the elements and conditions that boats have to endure, regardless of whether they’re on the water or in port.

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