Boating With Children

boating and kids, boat protection, canvas cover, custom coverChildren love boats and boating; there’s really no problem getting them into a boat, but what to do with them once you’ve left the dock and are out on the water?

It’s not like taking them to a playground after all. You can’t just let them go off on their own, so the obvious thing is to keep them quiet and closely watched while the grownups do the sailing, and the children just sit and watch the scenery, right?

Wrong. Think about it; according to experienced boaters with families, boating with your kids is like taking them to the park or playground. They don’t want to just sit, eat and talk like the grownups. They want to play, to get involved, to do something.

Sitting in a boat and watching the scenery go is just the same as sitting in the car and watching the scenery go by: eventually children get bored and restless. Of course, the adults are focused on safely managing the boat, and the safety of their passengers, and the thought of kids running amok while afloat is an obvious concern. But there is a solution! Don’t make thechildren be just passengers, make them “part of the crew”!

Kids can learn and help with little chores and necessities before setting sail, and help as spotters when afloat. With supervision, they can even have some time at the helm.

Kids are fast learners; giving them small jobs and responsibilities makes them feel part of the crew, and learning lessons on trust, bonding and responsibility no school or school book can provide.

Part of that learning is how to maintain and protect the boat. CMC Canvas LLC provides quality protective coverings and accessories, and maintaining and protecting a boat is a chore everyone should learn.