Boating Checklist

boat protection, cover, canvas, Annapolis MDBefore you drive your car out of the garage and onto the highway, you probably first check to ensure you have enough gas in the tank. That’s a first good step for any power boat owner as well before leaving the dock.

Remember you won’t be able to pull up to a gas station and “filler up” out in the bay, so work out how much fuel you need. A good rule of thumb is: one third for the way out, one third back and one third in reserve.

A second auxiliary engine can save literally “save the day” should your primary engine fail. Many sail boats have a spare outboard motor, Just in case; unless you want to provide oars and row your boat back to land during calm or an engine malfunction. Keeping the engine clean and well- maintained helps; and before setting out, check for oil or fuel leaks, as well as checking any drive belts for fraying, cracks or slack. Also check the fuel filter for sediment or water. A build up is a sign the fuel supply is contaminated and is not clean.

Check the engine’s dip stick to ensure the lubricating oil is full. Run the engine for a few minutes before setting sail to clear any fumes. Water in the bilge can affect the engine; so pump out and sponge dry the engine compartment regularly; and have the necessary tools to do basic maintenance or repair while underway.

Owning a boat means a lot of maintenance and also needs a lot of protection, even when docked or on a trailer. A necessary accessory is a protective canvas cover to protect your boat when docked. CMC Canvas LLC provides a variety of quality accessories and protective covering to keep your boat “ship shape”.