Boat Maintenance and Care

High Quality Canvas Coverings from CMCRinse your Hull with Fresh Water Fiberglass or aluminum, your boat needs a bath. Wash your boat with freshwater after every trip to get of the salt water. Leaving saltwater to dry on your the boat increases the risk of corrosion and wear on the gel-coat. l. Make sure that all electronics are covered and your bungs not blocked to prevent trapped water in the hull.

Wax and Polish your Boat Once a Year, There is a range of products  for almost any application What product you use depends on the type of hull and the age. For most applications a Marine Cleaner and Wax will do the job. It’s a simple process but care is required. Use a soft brush to deal with marks and stains may have built up on the hull.

Give your hull a good cleaning with a dedicated hull cleaner. Use a pure concentrate For stubborn stains and give a scrub with the brush and apply boat wax when dry . Use a soft cloth to  buff.

Maintaining your motor is important. Service and repair should be done by a licensed mechanic  But there are steps you can take to ensure your motor lasts as long as possible:

Flush your motor with fresh water after every cruise to avoid corrosion.

Service your boat at least once every 100 hours or according to your boats guidelines

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