Avoiding Boating Accidents

overloading - CMCcanvas - Blog, Boat Canvas, Enclosures,  Annapolis,  Summer is in full swing and Americans taking to the waterways to relax and enjoy their time on their boat.  But a fun day on the water can quickly turn into a tragedy  if safety is not the primary concern.  Before your next outing, take the time to learn about the common causes of boating accidents and how to prevent them.

Overloading.  Before sending out those invitations to a boating party, make sure you know how many people and how much weight your boat can handle. The manufacturer’s documents will state the capacity and weight your boat can carry. Overloading can cause mechanical malfunctions, and make sure you have enough life jackets aboard for everyone.

Operation. It’s your responsibility as the boat owner and Captain that everyone aboard conduct themselves in a safe manner. Avoid excessive drinking. You’re the captain and it your right and responsibility to make and enforce the rules.

Excessive speed is exhilarating, but also dangerous. Slowing down allows you  to see people and objects in the water, and to keep a safe distance away from other boaters.

Hazards: Any potentially hazardous situation where the water is congested or in water with strong currents and turbulence calls for caution. In such a situation there may not be room for a lot of maneuvering.

Weather: Keep a good weather eye at all. Remember the weather can change rapidly.

Alcohol: As Captain you’re the “Designated Driver”.  Avoid joining in the party for a “just a few beers” while operating the boat.

Maintenance:  Your boat needs properly maintenance to keep it safe and in good working order.  Protecting your boat with high quality protective Canvas Covering from CMC Canvas LLC keeps  you boat “seaworthy” for many years to come.