What’s In a Marina Contract?

marina contractThe vast majority of marinas act fairly and honestly with their boating clients. But treat a marina contract like you would any other sign any contract, take a good look at the “fine print”. Reading the fine print in a marina contract, will be as exciting as any other contract, but a marina contract is every bit as important as any other contract you sign, and it will tell you what your responsibilities are as well as the marina’s.

Marina contracts cover “maritime law” rather than state law, and maritime law is a specific field of la with different types of responsibilities and its own lawyers, so it’s important to know what you’re agreeing to. In that way a marina contract is much like any other contract: it defines which each party on the contract is responsible for what privilege or service is received or responsible for. Basically you agree to give the marina money, and the marina agrees to give you a place to keep your boat.

But like most contracts they’re usually written by lawyers hired by the marina, so the benefits and responsibilities may focus more to the benefit of the marina than the boater. Discussions about legal liability, what provisions are relevant and enforceable will vary depending on your jurisdiction, so it’s important to be know how those provisions could affect you.

Marina contracts generally require a marine-insurance liability policy, and many marinas require that your boat also have “hull insurance” against damage when docked. Protecting your boat with high quality canvas coverings from CMC Canvas LLC to protect you boat and save you, and you boat a lot of legal and personal expense and problems.