What about Electric Boats?

  ,Canvas , boat cover, enclosures, custom coverYou’ve probably heard of electric cars, but are you familiar with electric boats? Since childhood, we’ve been told that water and electricity don’t work well together. Nevertheless, electric boats have been around for a long time. The first electric boat was built more than a century ago. And there are a lot of electric boats available; and you don’t need an extension cord to sail them.

Electric boats, like automobiles, are powered by a rechargeable battery that powers a small electric motor. All one needs is a charger or an extra charged battery on hand. A standard 110- volt AC current can charge the battery in about 10 hours or less, the charger automatically shuts off when the battery is fully charged.

Electric boats look and operate just like any other power boat, but there’s no need to stash extra gas, oil, or keep a tool box handy just in case. And operating costs are extremely low.

Electrically-powered boats are both quiet and environmentally safe. Electric boats are low maintenance, economical to operate, and highly durable; and electric boats are made from many different lightweight materials, such as fiberglass, wood, or aluminum.

Electric boats also come in a number of colors and styles, and can accommodate up to 12 passengers. Luxury amenities are available as well: dome lights and refrigerators can be powered by the same battery that powers the boat. Lifetime warranties as well customization is available, and the saving on power alone is a benefit.

But like any boat, it also needs to be protected. CMC Canvas LLC provides quality protection for your investment. Be it a small family sail or power boat, or a large luxury cruiser, CMC Canvas LLC can provide affordable protection that compliments the style and appeal of your boat.