Weather Protecting Your Boat

boat cover,protecting your boat ,canvasProtecting your boat from severe weather or damage from other sources requires some planning, preparation, and especially timely action.

A boat can be damaged not only when sailing on the water or docked, but even out of the water as well; if it is not well protected. Not just hurricanes or storms, but any kind of weather, rain, snow and direct sunlight can damage the life of the boat as well as affect the appearance of a boat as well.

Maryland has many seasonal changes that can affect your boat. Boating in the prime sailing months of spring, summer and fall each have their own unique climates and conditions that can affect the life of a boat. It doesn’t need a hurricane to damage a boat and threaten not only its appearance but its seaworthiness.

But severe weather requires special attention that boaters need to be aware of. If your boat is docked in a marina, devise a detailed emergency plan of action to secure and protect your boat. The best choice is to remove your boat to a protected area or shelter, even if it your garage. Always have spare tools, equipment and supplies. If you lease a dock or rent storage space for your boat, know your responsibilities as well as the marina‘s or storage area so no misunderstandings occur that can jeopardize you boat’s safety.

But it doesn’t take severe weather to damage a boat. Wind, water, salt and sun can take a toll on your boat,. Investing in a specially designed canvas covering from CMC Canvas LLC that can protect your boat from sun, rain, and wind damage — as well as save you money — is a necessary investment that can extend the life of your boat for years.