Things You Really Need On Your Boat

lifesaving tools,canvas cover, boat enclosuresWe’re not talking beer, snacks and fishing gear, but things that will help you deal with sudden problems and emergencies when sailing.

A Multi-Tool with several sizes of locking screwdrivers, pliers and knives can help fix a lot of problems without the need of a bulky tool box taking up space onboard. Make sure they’re rust-resistant.

A Headlamp provides light when working below deck and/or at night, leaving your hands free. It’s also a way to alert and signal other boats or people ashore in case of emergency. Make sure it fits well with and has a powerful enough lamp and battery power. Lamps come with lots of extra feature but the primary need is to have enough battery power to be seen from long distances for a long time.

Like the multi-purpose tool a Multi-Purpose Watch should be standard tool on any boat. A watch that also has a barometer, a thermometer and a compass will give you informed not only of the time, but any changes in the weather and environment.

If something serious occurs and you need to get help quickly, a Personal Locator Beacon will ensure that you can be get assistance, Your beacon should be active for at least 24 hours, at minus 40 degrees temperature and also have a GPS locator to ensure you can be found. If you find yourself lost at sea, rescue will be alerted and have your location as soon as you activate this device. Most PLB’s are manually activated.

Even the best sailors can fall overboard. A Flotation Suit provides emergency buoyancy that can literally be a lifesaver.

The best “lifesaver” is a well maintained and protected boat, protected by quality canvas coverings from CMC Canvas LLC.