The Safe Boating Quiz

Are yo boating, boat cover, canvas ,Annapolis MD ,boating is affordableu a safe boater? Take this true or false quiz to review some key safe boating rules.

True or False: Children younger than 13 years old should wear a Lifejacket/PFD

Answer: Children should always were a PFD specially made for children. In fact adults should use PFDs as well, or have some sort of flotation device in case  someone accidently falls overboard.

True or False: If my boat doesn’t contain any fire hazards from the motor or fuel system, so according to Federal requirements, I don’t need to bring a fire extinguisher along.

Answer: true. Fire extinguishers are only required on boats with motors or fuel systems that can create a fire hazard. However, having a fire extinguisher be on any boat is always good choice “just in case”; you may need to help another boat in trouble.

True or False: If someone falls overboard, someone should s jump in after them to assist.

Answer: False. Jumping overboard to rescue someone just causes two people in the water.   The first thing you do is to reach for the person with your arm or something they can cling to.  Maneuver closer so you can throw a inflatable/ floatable device. Going in the water yourself is a last resort, as you  end up with two overboard instead of just one.

True or False: If a boat is overturned or swamped, abandon the boat and use your Lifejacket for flotation.

Answer:  False. An overturned or swamped boat, but not sinking, can still be used it to support your body and save energy. Keep as much of your body out of the water as possible to prevent hypothermia.

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