Smart Boaters Rotate to Prevent Fatigue.

 boating, boat cover,enclosuresOperating a boat and driving an automobile may be different skills, but preparing and managing an outing are quite similar in preparation. For long voyages, or just a casual day outing. Proper rest and preparation is vital to boaters as they are for a day trip with the car.  Even spending a few hours boating can lead to fatigue, which is why smart boat captains and crews know to rotate oppositions, especially the helm just as smart drivers rotate drivers on long trips;  and an hour at the helm can be far more tiring that an hour at the wheel. That’s why smart boaters rotate who’s at the helm periodically to prevent fatigue.

Many boaters underestimate the effect of environmental stress caused by exposure to the sun and the glare off the water. The constant movement of the boat itself, and Long exposure to the sun can cause fatigue and dehydration if someone doesn’t have a proper amount of water as the day goes on. And all that beer in the cooler won’t Help. One single beer when someone is dehydrated will send  the alcohol goes straight  to their system and they’ll have trouble standing up, much less help keep the boat running safely. A single 12oz can of beer by a person  dehydrated from the sun and the heat can  cause that person to have trouble standing up, much less help keeping the boat afloat. Even partying too much the night before can affect ones judgment the next say.

Plan you’re your outing boat as you would an outing ashore, but remember, there’s no chance to “pull over to the side of the road” if something goes wrong. Which means you boat should be ready to sail as much as the crew should be. Protecting your boat with High Quality Canvas Coverings from CMC CANVAS LLC ensures you boat is as ready to sail as much as your crew should be.