Saving the Boating Environment

fueling - boating, boat canvas coverOne of the great things about boating is that unlike using your automobile, boating is environmentally friendly. Think again. Boats can be as dangerous to the water environment as automobiles are to our atmosphere, and for the same reason.

What happens when a little trash, some oil, fuel, cleaning agents or sewage goes overboard?   Does it matter which hull paint you use? Dumping some paint or fuel on dry land can seep into the soil. In the same way, but much faster, dumping something into the water becomes part of the water, and enough of it can pollute a lake or river, and even the ocean.

Even a small amount of pollution becomes a problem. Unlike dumping something on land, water can disperse a pollutant over a large area with the help of the wind and tide.

They may reduce the availability of seafood, raises dredging costs and affect industries that relay  need clean water, such as tourism, fishing & water sports, and several diseases are shared between aquatic animals and humans. Sediment have contaminants that accumulate in some fish and can pass to people who consume them often.

Harbors need regular dredging, and “clean” sediment is much cheaper to dredge and to dispose of. How fast a toxicant leaches from hull paint depends on local conditions, paint choice, and how often a hull is cleaned. The longer that toxicant paint stays on a hull, the less goes into the water.

Maintaining your boat is part of that effort; and keeping your boat clean and protected with high quality Canvas coverings from CMC Canvas LLC s shows you care for the environment as much as much as you do your boat.