Safe Boating with Children

boat cover, enclosures,wearing life jacketsMost boats are launched and retrieved is often seen as a routine procedure, but the potential for mishaps still exists, and having kids along can divide your attention and increase the risk.

A sad incident about a 4-year-old who drowned when strapped in his car seat when the tow vehicle slid backward and submerged is a lesson everyone should keep in mind.

Here are some steps that can protect youngsters, guests and yourself.  This means no one and especially children in the tow vehicle while launching or retrieving the boat.

The same can be said for keeping kids out of the way when launching a boat. Keep children away from the boat when launching from a trailer, or even when docked. An accidental trip or a tow vehicle out of gear can be dangerous for children and adults alike.

Ideally, launching and loading should involve two adults — one behind the wheel of the tow vehicle and the other near the boat when unloading the boat , as well as when on the dock passing any cargo and passengers aboard. Everyone, especially children, need stay clear until the boat is loaded and ready to sail.

Adult Supervision is a priority whenever children are present. Slippery pavement, traffic, and precarious docks are a hazard, especially for children both when embarking or debarking. Have some adult keep watch on the children in a safe area.

Teaching children about boating means making sure they know the hazards and responsibilities as well as the joy of boating. Having a well maintained boat that is protected by quality Canvas Coverings from CMC Canvas LLC is the first priority for safe boating on a safe and well maintained boat.