Reducing Fuel Usage

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Most of us are away of the need for fuel consumption and avoiding emissions when driving your car, but are we as turned on on the need to protect the environment and reduce fuel emissions and consumption while boating? Even sailboats usually have an auxiliary engine in case of need, so all boaters need to consider the effect of fuel emissions from their boat on the environment.

Here are ten things boaters can do to help reduce the amount of fuel used while boating:

    1. It’s fun to go “full throttle”, but consider other boaters in the area, and remember that slower speeds on the water will reduce fuel use.
    2. The proper use of trim tabs s drag.
    3. Minimize the time idling at the dock or on the water’
    4. Minimize the use of onboard generators.
    5. Take advantage of dock-side electrical power rather than generators.
    6. Have a float plan so you know who to get there in the least amount of time.
    7. Keep the hull clean to minimize drag that expends more fuel getting to where you want to go.
    8. Don’t under-power your boat. Have enough motor to handle the load.
    9. Make sure your propeller is the right one for your boat.
    10. A well-tuned engine uses less fuel.
    11. Use the grade of gasoline specified by the engine manufacturer.

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