Reasons for Boating Accidents

boat cover, weather advisory - Cmccanvas coveringFamiliar breeds inattention. Boat operators must constantly monitor their boat, the weather conditions or objects that may cause trouble. Look for  warning signs for weather and any hazards out there.

Lack of a designated lookout to watch for threats or hazards. Change your lookout periodically.

Inexperience. Operator inexperience was the third most common cause of boating accidents. Operators must know the basics of boating rules of navigation, and be able  to handle emergency situations

Excessive Speed. Excessive speed causes collisions with other boats and unseen  hazards.

Impaired Operation.Alcohol or drugs are often a factor in boat accidents as they are in automobile accidents.

Violating Navigational Rules. Violating the rules of navigation can be dangerous and can lead collisions with other boats or objects or running aground.

Water Conditions can change in minutes. Be mindful at all times of current conditions.

Waves and Wakes.  Don’t take them for granted. A large wave or a wake can cause accidents, injuries and even fatalities.

A Well maintained Boat.  Like you automobile, your boat needs to be well maintained and protected. Protecting your boat from the weather and “critters” who may use you boat is a meal is a hidden threat.  Investing in high quality canvas coverings and accessories from CMC Canvas LLC will protect your boat and insure it is “shop shape” and ready to sail all year round.