Protection for You and Your Boat

sun protection, cover, canvas, enclosureOne of the greatest benefits of boating is getting away from the city and spending a day on your boat in the clean air and sunshine. But boating has it risks too, and not always from other boats and boaters.

We all know about sunburn and the risks of overexposure to the sun and the wind, but when you out on the boat, doing something you love, it is easy to forget about the risks you may take.

In fact, Skin Cancer is often called “The Sailors Disease” because the sunlight that reflects off the water can magnify the effects of ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation up to 80% more than just sun bathing on the beach or on your backyard.

Those great tans you get are created by ultraviolet radiation, and UVA rays are the cause of wrinkled, dry skin that so many dedicated sunbathers acquire over time, and UVB rays cause sunburn, premature aging and skin damage. Your skin is paying the price for that “healthy good looking tan” we admire so much. If you have children remind them of the dangers and be he role model yourself.

Skin cancer is genetic. If you have blond or red hair, blue or green eyes, and/or a lot of moles, or a history of skin cancer in your family, you’re a higher risk, but everyone needs to be especially careful, when boating as well.

So, short of staying indoors and abandoning boating altogether, what should you do?

Sun block for sure. Wear “Big Stupid Hats” that keep the sun from directly hitting you face and head; better to look silly than get skin cancer.

Your boat also needs protection as well. Quality protective coverings from CMC Canvas LLC will preserve it from wind, whether and insects.