Protecting Your Boat form a Hurricane

boat canvas cover, upholstery, Annapolis MDAny storm can be dangerous but hurricanes are the most dangerous to you and your boat, whether your boat is moored or on dry land.

Today, storm-engineered floating dock systems can survive a Category 4 hurricane; but that doesn’t necessarily make your boat protected or safe. Even in “protected” water, a storm can churn into 8-foot seas with 100-knot winds. And even a “mild” tropical storm, might drop enough rain water inland to turn a tranquil canal into a raging river.

Here are some options:

Hurricane Storage: Hurricane-rated dry storage facilities and many boat yards offer annual contracts to store boats during any “named storm” and offer insurance breaks for the boat owner.

In a Slip: Expect to lose at least one cleat, piling or line to fail, so give each line a “mate” running in the same direction but attached at different places on both the boat and dock. Use cleats or pilings farther away from the boat to counter rising/falling storm tides. Set an anchor across the marina, and once all other boats are moored use the windlass to pull the rode tights and hang every fender you own overboard to protect the hull.

On a Trailer: You can easily find an empty warehouse big enough for house several trailer borne boats. It may be expensive for a three days rental, but its money well spent considering the damage you could have from blowing debris.

Evacuate: If there’s no time to blocking a trailer, tying it down, just get in the truck and move the boat away from the forecasted hurricane area. Head south of the forecasted track; few hurricanes turn south.

Boat protection is an all year, all weather issue. Quality canvas coverings from CMC Canvas LLC protects you boat in any climate and weather.