Protecting Your Boat and You

 boat cover, canvas, boat protectionAnyone who goes boating also knows about the effects of sun and saltwater. Yes, boating can provide a healthy tan, but also can give one serious sunburn without protection. Experienced sailors will also think about their boat’s exposure to the elements as well. A boat needs to be protected from the effects of sun and water as much as its crew, if you want to keep on sailing.

Most boat owners know that applying a good quality wax to their boat, to protect it from water and sun, but a common mistake made by both novice as well as some experienced boat owners is not only applying wax on the outside, but also protecting other areas of the boat; not just the hull, but also decks, seats and the gel coating on the boat.

So do you have to buy Marine wax, or will an automotive wax work as well? Well, consider this: Maritime wax is specifically manufactured to protect boats from conditions that an automobile won’t encounter! Marine Waxes are specially formulated for a boat’s gel coating and LP (Linear Polyurethane) surfaces, and boat paints are different chemically than automotive paints.

How often should you wax your boat? If your boat is stored outside in the sun, a good application of Marine Wax done 2-3 times a year is sufficient, assuming you’re cleaning and maintaining the boat with products specifically designed to safeguard boats and boat equipment against the damaging effects of daily exposure to UV rays.

But if your boat is docked, or on a trailer open to the weather, that sort of protection can be expensive. What’s needed is a quality all weather canvas covering by CMC Canvas LLC for your boat, car, or anything exposed to the elements.