Preventing Boat Accidents

boat enclosures, boat canvas cover,boating accidents  The typical Boating accident has nothing to do with  bad weather or hazardous sea conditions. Typically, boat accidents occur in smaller and more open boats on inland waters during daylight, and when weather and visibility are good, winds are light, and the water is calm.

Despite these ideal conditions, over half of all boating fatalities occur when passengers fall overboard and/or a boat capsizes or is swamped.

Capsizing is when a boat turns either on its side or turns completely over.

Swamping occurs when a boat is upright but fills with water. A person falling overboard can also cause the boat to capsize or swamp.

Regardless, the outcome is the same: people are in the water and in danger.

To prevent and prepare for capsizing, swamping, or “man overboard” situations her are some guidelines:

  • Everyone wears life jackets while underway. No exceptions.
  • Attach a lanyard to your wrist, clothing or life jacket.
  • Don’t allow anyone to sit on the gunwale, bow, or anything that‘s not a seat.
  • Balance the load of all passengers and gear.
  • For smaller and less-stable boats especially, don’t have your crew or passengers stand or move around unnecessarily when underway.
  • It’s not a race, so NO fast turns or maneuvers.
  • Avoid boating in rough water and bad weather.
  • When anchoring, secure the anchor line to the bow, never to the stern.

Weather and water are  boat’s environment, but they  can also be a threat to a poorly maintained and protected boat. Investing in high quality Canvas Coverings from CMC Canvas LLC, you’ll know that your boat is protected ready to sail whatever weather and environment.