Pets in Paradise: Boating with Animals

Pets PFDBoating with your pets can be fun, and you pets will love the experience; but before you head out, your need to give you pet some initial preparation, especially if it’s the first time on a boat for them.

First, ensure you have some sort of ID, or even better, have a microchip implant for your pet. It’s not that expensive and if your pet is lost any vet or animal shelter can easily obtain the owner’s address and phone number through a national registry. Also, Practice swimming and rescue procedures to ensure your pet is comfortable in a boat and in the water in the event your pet falls overboard or is just swimming. Have a procedure getting the animal back aboard. Cats may only require a piece of carpet attached to the swim platform, but dogs don’t automatically know how to use a ramp; you will have to train them.

Dogs and cats aren’t natural swimmers. Introduce them to your boat gradually by bringing them aboard while the boat is docked. Start the engine, and let them get acclimated to boat and its noises. They will need PFD’s just as your humans do. Life preservers for dogs and cats are available at most boating suppliers.

Any items such as fishing poles or other possible hazardous items should be stowed safely and make sure your pet has a shady place to lie or sit on board away from the areas the crew will be using.

Making sure you boat is ready for your crew and passengers means ensuring your boat is protected. High quality Canvas Coverings from CMC Canvas LLC will insure you crew and passengers – human or animal – will be safe and protected when on the water.