Listen to Your Boat

 Boat Canvas, Enclosures, Upholstery ,Annapolis, MDListening to your boat with all your senses is part of becoming an experienced sailor. Trying to do something your boat it doesn’t want to do will soon let you know. Becoming used to its motions, and noticing when something is wrong ” before it causes a problem is trait experienced boaters acquire though knowledge and experience.

It’s called “being one with your boat”.  Once your senses are tuned to the boat and water you’ll acquire a “second sense” about you boat and the environment.

An automobile is an “It”, but very boat is a “she”!  it has a “personality” and  If a boat is not “happy” it will tell you; and it has ways of letting you know! A happy boat ‘sings” In harmony with the wind, weather and the water.

Every boat has a personality. Knowing your boat with your senses is becoming one with it. It’s a “relationship”;  your boat will tell you know if you’re  doing something it can’t or doesn’t want to do.  Part of being a good sailor is knowing the “personality” of your boat: how it acts in certain conditions.

The sea is a cruel mistress, and so is a boat. You need to listen to what it says and what it wants. And like a wife or mistress, your boat needs loving attention and care.

Investing in high quality Canvas Coverings from CMC Canvas LLC will protect you boat, your investment, and your “relationship” with your boat.