Hull Maintenance

Boat cover, Canvas ,Enclosures ,UpholsteryRinse your Hull.  Regardless if your boat is fiberglass or aluminum it needs to be washed down with freshwater after every trip, especially when boating in saltwater. Letting saltwater dry on the boat increases corrosion and wears the polish and gel coat. When washing make sure any electronics are covered make sure your bungs aren’t blocked to prevent trapped water in the hull.

Give your boat a bath at least once a month, especially if your boat is used regularly or exposed to the elements when in storage.  A warm soapy water bath with a good all-purpose boat soap applied with a soft cloth or sponge is best. A warm soapy mix cleans grease, oil, grime, dirt, from the deck, hull and interiors.

Some detergents can contain chemicals that can increase corrosion and rust in aluminium boats. Once done give your boat a good rinse with fresh water.

Wax and Polish Once a Year.  What product you use depends on the type of hull and your boats age. Use a Marine Cleaner and Wax. If marks and stains have built up on the hull use a soft brush, and a hull creating product.

Maintain Your Motor. Services and repairs should be done by a licensed mechanic; but flush your motor with fresh water after every trip to remove salt water in the motor.

Protect Your Boat. Even when idle, your boat is at the mercy of wind, weather, insects and the elements.  High quality Canvas Coverings from CMC Canvas LLC will protects you boat from the  weather and other threats that can damage your boat.