How to Tow Other Boats Safely

 boats, canvas cover ,towing-blog-cmccanvasYou’re on your way home from a cruise when your cellphone calls, a fellow boater, his wife and children are stranded and can’t get his motor started, and no towing vessel is available.

Of course you want to help, but consider you boats gear and its limitations. Your cleats and lines may not be the low-stretch lines and strong generously backed hardware that dedicated towing vessels have board. Your alternative is a strong and  long anchor line for towing  and a pair of dock lines for a bridle.

Nylon line stretches more than half its length, so if something breaks, the line’s going to snap back and be a projectile! Even using a bridle, the dead weight pulling on one or the other stern corner, expect your bow will turn only 20 degrees at a time;  so take it slow and steady, and anticipate heading changes well in advance. And being a “Good Samaritan” can be costly to your boat and the boat you’re trying to help, leading to costly damage to both boats, and often some legal issues. Any “consideration” or remuneration given makes you liable for damage and injury incurred to either boat

Provided you’re not outright negligent and you don’t take any money, many states have laws that mitigate liability if any damage occurred to either vessel when in giving assistance; but It’s best to always alert the Coast Guard if any mishap occurs that requires assistant.

Maintaining your own boat is your first responsibility. High Quality Canvas Coverings from CMC Canvas LLC will protect your boat and what’s in it; without requiring a SOS call!