How to Protect Your Boat

boat protection, boat canvas cover, Annapolis MDWhen planning a day of boating, everyone should makes sure they have good protection from sun, wind, and water. But you’re skin isn’t the only thing that needs protection. What about your boat? What are you doing to protect it?

If you’re like a lot of boaters, the answer is “not much.” We’re sure to put sunscreen on our skin, and wear something on our head to protect us from the sun, but too many boaters take their boat for granted: “It’s a boat! It’s supposed to be in water!”

Yes, and your automobile is made to be on the road; but we still make sure the tires are in good shape and there’s no rust on the chassis. Would you really want to drive, or sail, in a dilapidated rust bucket? And if your boat breaks down, you can’t just pull over and wait for a tow.

So how do you keep your boat “shipshape”?

Get a “Clean” Start. Before launch, make sure you have sunscreen on your face and protectant on your boat. It’s important to have a clean surface. There are many brands of Boat Washes that will protect your boat’s gel coat when you’re on the water.

Don’t use dishwashing liquid! Dishwashing soaps are made to cut through grease and wax! After you’ve gone to the trouble of waxing your boat, the last thing you want is to strip it off with dishwashing soap. Invest is a good brand of boat protector that does the same thing car wax does for your car.

When you’re not driving you probably cover your car with a trap to protect against rain and corrosion. Do the same with your boat. CMC Canvas LLC provides high quality canvas coverings to protect your boat before and after you sail.