Green Boating

canvas cover, boat enclosures,green_boatingNo other sport or activity is so dependent on the quality of its environment than boating, and boaters have an especially important responsibility to preserves the rivers, lakes and oceans they use; and most boaters understand that responsibility.

They do it instinctively. Unlike many automobiles users who leave the motor idling while they make a stop, boaters will stop their engines while anchored, floating or tied to the dock. And obviously, sail boaters use the natural elements of wind, current and tide for movement, using an engine only when in a calm or an emergency.

But there are other ways boaters can preserve their boating environment they enjoy so much.

Here are some common sense tips to keep the blue water “green”;

“Clean Green”. You may make your boat clean and “shipshape”, using cleaning materials, but then dumping the residue into the water makes the effort useless. You may have a clean boat, but eventually you’ll have a polluted lake, bay or river. Use products tested for their environmental impact and then dispose of them correctly in designated containers.

Prevent Fuel Spills. Install a device that will prevent fuel spills, and fill your fuel tank slowly and only to 90% capacity. Fuel expands as the temperature rises, so leave some space in you fuel tank to prevent fuel overflow in warm weather.

Good Maintenance. Ensure your boat, engine and propellers are in good condition. Invest in adjustable-pitch propellers and modular props to reduce fuel consumption and keep your prop at the right pitch

Clean you bilge. Invest in product such as BIO-SOK to convert hydrocarbons into safe compounds.

Don’t forget that the boat itself needs protection. CMC Canvas LLC provides high quality canvas coverings and accessories to protect and enhance any boat.