Essential Boating Equipment

 Boat Enclosures, boat canvas covers,Annapolis,MDUnited States law requires a boat owner to have at least basic essential boating equipment onboard at all times; and a cooler of beer is not considered “essential”. But basic safety equipment is, and a boat owner can be heavily fined if these basic tools and articles are not aboard.

The fines are only a minor reason for having these essentials onboard, however; there are safety and often survival issues involved. The following checklist will ensure that you have all of the necessary boating equipment.

The Federal Requirements for Boating Gear are:

  1. Registration Papers. You must have the vessel’s state registration/documentation at all times. Also, have a photo ID of the boat’s owner or operator just in case.
  2. Life Jackets. Required for each person onboard. Have extras for people of all ages and sizes.
  3. “Throwable” Flotation Device. Required If your boat is 16 feet or larger.
  4. Fire Extinguisher. Any boat with an enclosed engine and/or fuel tank must carry a fully charged Coast Guard-approved fire extinguisher.
  5. Visual Distress Signals. Necessary for both day and night outings; check their expiration date before sailing.
  6. Navigation Lights.  Required for any power boat after sunset. Check federal laws for specific requirements.
  7. Horn or Whistle.
  8. Flame Arrestor. Required on all powered boats.

Helpful Boating Gear:

  1. First Aid Kit with sunscreen and ointment.
  2. Tool Kit with flashlight and spare batteries.
  3. Bilge Pump, Marine Radio, Charts, Compass, Drinking Water and Snacks.

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