CO2: A Threat to Boats and Boaters

 Boat Canvas, Enclosures, Upholstery ,Annapolis, MDWhen we think of Carbon monoxide, or (CO2) it’s generally focused on automobile emissions. But marine engines also release CO2 as well, and in the last several years strides have been made to make marine engine exhaust safe, especially the gasoline engines that put out twice as much CO2 as diesel engines.

An engine is an engine whether it’s in an automobile or a boat, but it safe to say that many boaters don’t consider that CO2 is dangerous to health and the environment on the water as well as on shore. Maybe more, since many boaters don’t maintain their boat engine as much as they do their automobile.

Carbon monoxide is odorless, but you one can smell engine exhaust you can be sure it has CO2 with in.  In smaller doses it can cause a temporary illness. In larger doses it causes internal hemorrhaging and even death..

CO2 is odorless but one can always be sure that it is present by the distinct smell of the engine exhaust. THE BEST WAY TO DETECT CO2 IS TO BE AWARE OF ENGINE EXHAUST FUMES. But over time people become inured to the odors and ignore them. Some boat engines have CO2 alarms, but you may not hear it over the engine noise or when doing some other task.

Maintaining your engine is an essential task, but maintain you boat itself is just as important. Investing in quality Canvas Coverings from CMC Canvas LLC protects both your boat and its engine. Make sure both are in perfect condition to ensure a perfect voyage.