Clean Boating Practices

cleaning boat after cruiseMost boaters try educating themselves and other boaters and information they need to protect the environment while still enjoying boating and fishing well as providing boaters with.

Here are some “clean boating practices” that boaters and boating marinas should follow:

Clean the Boat After Every Cruise. First thing a boater needs to do is to use clean water to rinse off residue and dirt. Most marinas provide a water source to do this. If that’s not available, the boat owner should invest in an environmentally friendly cleaner and follow the instructions and warnings on the label.

Disposing Waste and Trash: Obviously, you won’t dump trash or residue into the water you sail on or along the shoreline. Boating marinas should have trash containers and recycling bins for boaters in convenient places. Any waste should also be disposed of in trash bins, not thrown overload. Used oil, waste and harmful liquids should be disposed in specially designated dumping sites at the marina or in waste disposal facilities on shore.

Maintenance and Repairs: The most common maintenance task done at marinas or on shore is sanding and painting. Choosing environmentally safe paint and applying away from the water is necessary. Use sanders equipped with vacuums and containers to hold dust and paint chips to keep them from polluting the air and eventually into soil and water. Oil or fuel spills as well as other liquid spills should be wiped up with a rag. Any spills into the water should be reported and cleaned ASAP.

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